General info - Awards

Plantema Medal

The Plantema Medal has been established by ICAF in 1967. It is a career award that is presented to a selected leading member of the structural integrity community. The award recipient is invited to deliver a keynote lecture at the start of the biennial symposium.

This Plantema Memorial Lecture is named after the late Dr. Ir. Frederik Johan Plantema, inspiror, founder and General Secretary of ICAF, from its foundation in 1951 until November 1966 when he untimely passed away.

Plantema medal


Jaap Schijve Award

This biennial award for young and talented researchers in the field of aeronautical fatigue has been established in 2007 by Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR and Delft University in the Netherlands.

The award was named after Prof. Jaap Schijve, to celebrate his 80th birthday. It consists of a token and a prize of €5000,=.

Recognizing its promotional value, ICAF has offered the opportunity to present the award on the last day of the ICAF symposium. In 2009 the award was presented for the first time.

Jaap Schijve award